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- Daggerfist -
Sylvus has been put on hold, the all new town of Daggerfist started August 26.

- War Games -
If you wish to train your fighting skills as well as have fun, then you won't want to miss this addition to LARC. War Games has old favorites like "Capture The Flag", and introduces new ones like "Dog Skull" and "Monster Mash". Interested? Click here to view the rules of the games.

This is the new design for the LARC web site as of 07/27/01. Email me with comments on whether or not you like the changes. To view the old web page, click here.

Just a reminder, yearly dues are coming, so start saving your money now. After payment of the dues, you will receive a new copy of the rule book. Pending whether or not it is completed.


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A cool breeze caresses your flushed cheeks as it dances and plays amongst the overhanging branches; you hope the noise of the fluttering leaves can mask the sounds of you and your party members laboring for breath. It seems like you have been running for days, and those nasty little orcs just won't give up! It's almost as if they were herding you towards this corner of the forest, but to what end? Sure, it seemed like a good idea to you and your companions to undertake this noble quest to make the forest safe again for Her Majesty's loyal subjects; but that was long ago and in the safety of the musty tavern, soaking up equal parts of merriment and the tavern Troll's famous brew. Suddenly, your reverie is broken by the crashing of heavy feet, coming from somewhere in the dappled forest and headed your way! The party tenses and switches into battle mode, shields and swords to the fore whilst the magician assumes his best spell-casting stance. There! By that rotting stump! A huge lizard rolling towards you on thick, scaly legs! Truzzark the Obscure slips into the shadows and attempts to circle 'round the great monster undetected. The front line fighters avert their eyes from the beastie's murderous gaze, for to meet the gaze of the mighty basilisk will turn a man to stone! Bravely you rush the basilisk with your eyes askance and land a smashing blow to one of his many legs, calling out "5!....5!" with each swing.

The fight with the great beast is just the beginning to turn in your favor when to your horror and surprise you are ambushed! A legion of bloodthirsty orcs begin to pour from the forest, to surround you and endanger your spellcaster! But this is no novice conjurer; John throws a sizzling ball of energy towards one of his attackers "I smite thee with a bolt of earth!" and the orc is knocked to his knees by the blow. Truzzark sneaks up on another and strikes a blow to his skull, crying "Waylay!", and the snarling orc crashes to the ground. One by one you pick them off, but not without sustaining some serious injuries to the party. The sorely wounded basilisk rears onto its massive back legs in a last-ditch effort to save its scaly hide, but trips over a branch, falling to the ground with a mighty crash.

"TIME!" calls the basilisk, that is, the person playing the basilisk does. And all action comes to an immediate stop, all players freezing in their tracks. "My glasses flew off when I tripped." Justin explains. "Oh, here they are."

"Are you okay?" asks Truzzark, or Victoria, as she is mundanely known.

"I'm fine! You guys ready?" (Anyone who moved returns to their position when the TIME was called.) "Okay, 3...2...1...Game on!"

The still-deadly basilisk roars in outrage as he attempts to struggle to his feet but to no avail, you deliver the killing blow personally and declare the forest safe... for now.

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